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SDS welcomes you! We clicked on the greatest designs, textures, and elegance for you to weigh in on. Hence, we provide a diverse range of high-quality interior decoration products to assist you in transforming any space in your residence or workplace. We have everything for every taste and budget, whether you want wooden floors, louvres, baffles, wallpaper, or artificial grass. We understand the demand of the client, designer or architect. SDS specializes in giving shape to your ideas and delivering the necessary supplies for your design to make it more special and appealing especially for you.

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At SDS Home Decor we help you turn your house into a loving and warm home. Our team of experts will guide you through your journey of home decoration, breathing a new life in your abode. Here we believe that a space needs to be a combination of two things- aesthetics and function. A beautiful object is nothing without being functional and a functional but unappealing object will cease to be used. Our unique way of combining functionality with utility is sure to catch your eye.

How It Works

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The Product Portfolio

SDS stands for meeting the highest standards, flawless space management, and attention to detail. SDS offers a narrative of limitless product options. Design your fantasies with a plethora of beautiful choices.


Product par Excellence

SDS believes in evolution and will only provide products that are distinct and different from anything else on the market. Built to last, you can be confident in our quality and have total peace of mind without concern of deformation, breaking, discolouration, or turning poor.


Readiness is All

On-time services, within 24 hours, will ensure that everything is right; creativity is meaningless if it is late. We are India’s most premium and trusted source of interior design materials, and we have been in business for 73 years.


Our Approach to Work

We do not design but provide raw materials for your ideas. Once the product has been finalised, we can assist you by taking measurements if necessary. We determine the total cost, provide the supplies, and assist you in finding an installation company.

Perks of Ordering with SDS

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The most affordable pricing

Minimal Maintenance

A longer warranty

Core material provider, not tied up with others

Core material provider, not tied up with others

Simple and quick online ordering.

Outstanding client service and support

Best Wooden Flooring, Carpets , Wallpaper Suppliers in India

The reason we are the best in India.

Unlike typical interior design items, SDS offers solutions that are considerably more practical, fuss-free, and easy to install. They come in a range of textures, coatings, and styles. Furthermore, the price of SDS products is always lower than the price of others ensuring that you may enjoy the appearance of these materials without no paying the extra cost. We offer wooden flooring which is a lovely alternative for making your room seem sophisticated and trendy. A flexible flooring solution that may be utilized in a number of areas. On the other side, we provide incredible louvres that are ideal for wall cladding, like, Solid Wood Louvers Teak, Luna Wood Louvers, Cement Fibre Louvers, WPC Louvers, and PVC panels. They are extremely water-proof and termite-resistant, and they may be installed directly on walls. We additionally supply artificial grass, wallpaper, and baffles, so there is plenty for every taste and price range.

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