Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile flooring is a soft floor option that is made out of stapled fibres or carpet fibres. It generally has a layer of fibres which is then attached to a backing. It is generally used for flooring is commonly used indoors. Being a versatile option for flooring, carpet tiles can be used for high footfall as well as low footfall areas of the house. A durable product, carpet tiles can last for up to 20 years before they have to be changed. It is a great combination of performance, safety, comfort, and aesthetics.

Carpet Tiles on floorings are considered to be one of the most desirable and attractive options out of all other flooring options. They are durable and comfortable. They can be easily customised according to the needs of the customers and can be adjusted according to their preferences.
Carpet tiles are available in two sizes 20×20 inches and 10×40 inches.  

Another factor that makes carpet tiles especially suitable for corporate offices is that they absorb the maximum amount of noise thus making the acoustics of the surroundings better. Carpet tiles can absorb the noise of feet and people talking with ease.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles
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